Thoughts…meet the weather…

It’s a melencholy day here in the Philly area, so I thought I’d write out some thought I’ve been thinking for a while which match the mood of the day.

On Saturday I got to run a “Technology in Ministry” table at our annual session.  All in all it was an enjoyable experience (with one notable exception), so I’m not complaining.  I actually have a passion for the Church actually taking part in the current communications revolution.  What left me kinda bummed, however, was how my role with the region kinda pidgeon-holes me.  When people want to be part of “the cutting edge” they tend to come and speak with me (I promptly tell them to never use that phrase again).  When people want to talk about a theology of Church, I don’t pop up on the radar.  Folks at the regional level see me as a geek, which is OK because I am a geek, but I sometimes wonder if people remember that I’m a Christian first who is also called to be a pastor.  To put it another way – I have more thoughts in my head about what software to use for a particular task.  I also have a deep desire for theological reflection and worship development beyond the typical Protestant forms of “three hymns and out” and “ain’t this place rockin’?”  At the regional level, I don’t get much of a chance to talk about this.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to over-come this in the coming year.  I know of several congregations that are planning to bringing me in to talk with their congregations about “Technology in Ministry,” when I’m there I’ll be able to share some theological reflection on why I’m doing what I’m doing.  It would be a nice change from the typical, “How do I do this?” conversations I typically have.

To paraphrase the immortal Dr. McCoy, “Dammit Jim!  I’m a pastor, not a helpdesk!”