Accordance coming to a town near me


I really enjoy using Accordance.  Every time I turn it on it seems that I learn something new – it’s amazing.  Still, I’m basically a skilled novice so I’ve been hoping that an Accordance training seminar would be coming to the Philly area.  I figured I might as well be part of the solution, so I offered to host a training seminar at Central Baptist.

They accepted!  March 19th, the folks from Oak Tree software will be running a free training seminar for Accordance in Palmyra, NJ.  That’s 15 minutes out of Center City, Philadelphia and a 5 minute walk from the Palmyra Riverline station.  If you’re use a Mac or Accordance, or even if you’re interested in these tools, please come and make this seminar a great success!  I want the folks at Oak Tree to feel that Philly is worth their time!

Click the image see a full-size pdf of the flyer.