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Yesterday I was at ABCNJ’s annual COAL event. It was a great time, and I was able to connect with many people from around the region. I did not, however go to any of the sessions I had signed up for – I had work to do.

A video was scheduled to play during the lunch sessions which posed two problems. First, there person who had the movie didn’t have their adapter to connect the MacBook to the projector (they did have it on DVD, but I don’t trust removable media). Second, the hall would be filled with about 200 people and the only speakers we had were those in the projector. There was a sound system present, but It wasn’t hooked up. After digging around the equipment, I found a 200 watt speaker with stereo RCA jack inputs – but having left my laptop at home I didn’t have my full compliment of cables with me! So, off to target we went – to get an SD card to transfer the video and a 3.5mm to stereo RCA media cable. I never got the SD card to work for the transfer (we ended up using Dropbox, thank goodness it was installed), but the media cable worked wonders.

This is the oddness of my particular ministry. I don’t often get to participate in events because I’m running around hacking together solutions to unforeseen problems. On the other hand, by bopping around I get to meet some interesting people.



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  1. I know that feeling. Its not always one I’m able to take back as a positive though. Kudos to you for recongnizing the blessing in your adjusted attendance.

    1. Oh, I’ve felt burnt out by this particularly angle of ministry. I’ve come back from “renewal” conferences wishing people would tell me, “Hey, take a week off so you can be refreshed too.”

      At any large gathering I’m “working,” I try to avoid the program elements I’m not directly involved in. Instead, I go for a walk or grab a friend for lunch. That way, I can step away an be a human-being for a bit.

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