I was thinking if upgrading my iPad in 2013. I like the retina display, and my iPad is two years old. Still, as I began to figure out what it would take to save up for a new iPad I began to think, “You know, I really like my iPad 2.” It's true, my iPad is my primary device, trumping my MacBook for just about every task I do except presentations and high-level video editing. I love my MacBook, but my iPad is like an extension of my arm.

My contemplative look
I contemplate my technological future

As I've never had a moment where I wished I had something besides my iPad 2, it seems rather dumb to upgrade it. After all, it has the same specs as the iPad mini, so it'll likely survive another ios upgrade, or even another two. So why not hold on to a device I love to use? It's not like my white MacBook, which was beginning to give me fits when creating massive presentations before I upgraded it.

When I eventually do upgrade my iPad, I'll probably go with an iPad Mini. I LOVE the form factor. In fact if the mini had a retina display and the same processor as the third generation iPad, I might have decided to upgrade anyway.

So what to do? Well, I've been intrigued by the Nexus 7 since it came out, and I've been wanting to give Android Jelly Bean a try. So I think I may be picking one up this week sometime. That, or use my wife's upgrade to get a iPhone 5 and give her my 4s.

Either way, I'm keeping my faithful sidekick. Why get rid of something that works perfectly for what I need?