Trained Up

Accordance TrainingTwo years ago, the folks who make Accordance graciously accepted an invite to come Central Baptist and offer a training seminar for the folks in South Jersey (and beyond).  Just over a month ago, I got an email from those same folks saying they were going to be in a nearby seminary, and wondered if we would be interested in hosting another seminar.  Of course I said yes.

Since I moved over to the Mac platform, Accordance has been my “go to” tool for Bible Study.  I’ve used other programs on other platforms, and I like them each in their own way, but the speed and versatility of Accordance has held my attention longer than any other.  It’s truly a joy to use, and not just for the software.  The developers of accordance, as well as the other employee’s of OakTree Software, are good folks – and that shows in the community which has sprung up around their powerful suite.  These are folks who are easy to host.

Not only are these easy to host, they are easy to listen to. The people who teach these seminars  are “on” for hours with very little in the way of breaks.  They play multiple roles during the course of the day – teacher, IT troubleshooter, and salesperson are just a few.  The amount of care and energy these folks expend to present a free seminar is truly impressive. My hat is off to both Mark and Paul.

I always learn something new at the training seminars, and this year was no exception.  I need to go back and practice it, but the ability to compare texts for similar word-structures just blew my mind.  I also look forward to playing with the construct engine, so I can learn how to use it more effectively.  The power of these tools simply blows my mind.

I also enjoy the people I meet when I host events such as this one. I may be a natural introvert, but it’s also fun to hear some of the stories which surround the people who come.  This past event was especially interesting as I invited a pastor to join myself and three other ABCNJ staff members for lunch.  He seemed to have a lot of fun, and actually enjoyed the sales pitch for ABCNJ. You never know what God does with something as simple as, “Hey, wanna tag along?”

Thanks for coming, Accordance. Come back again.