Hello Draft


When I first picked up my Nexus 7, one of my biggest concerns was the lack of a decent markdown editor. Editors either didn’t have robust enough dropbox support, had odd quirks with the HTML rendering, or didn’t allow me to easily export the raw HTML for use as blog posts.

A short while after I got the Nexus I discovered a new editor called Write which was the best editor I’d found on the platform. Still, the dropbox support in Write was not what I needed – I had to import documents into the editor from dropbox and then export the documents back into dropbox to edit them on other devices. This left me working on different versions of the same document, documents which inevitably got out of sync. Still, the Nexus was a desirable enough form-factor for me to put up with this frustration.

Now I find I don’t have to.

Last week, I discovered a new markdown editor in the Google Play store called, “Draft.”  With it I finally had a markdown editor with the dropbox support I needed, quick markdown shortcuts, and which allowed me to copy clean HTML into WordPress.  In the short time since I’ve been using draft additional features have been added, key of which for me are persistent word count and automatic dropbox syncing.

With the arrival of Draft I’ve gotten one step closer to the Nexus working the way I need it to. Future updates to the hardware in this line, adding a rear-facing camera and video out, could make this a platform I’d be happy moving to full-time. If the apps develop in similar fashion, I may not even think twice before doing so.  If Accordance ever comes on to Android, I wouldn’t even blink.