Can I get a witless?


[1] Some people think I'm witty [2] I'm really not [3] I only blurt things out so it looks like I'm paying attention

The moral of the this comic is quite simple, “Never teach someone with ADD the art of ‘active listening.'”

Actually, I have had a couple of people tell me how witty I am in the past couple of months.  Other folks have remarked that they find me “funny.” These are designations which I actually find I’m unworthy to have placed on me.  When I’m in public, especially when I’m in a situation where there is some sense of being closed in (such as in a meeting), the truth is I feel emotionally stressed and extremely insecure.  When I’m in a reasonably healthy state of mind, those feelings get handled by blurting out one-liners or chuckling at the proceedings.  I do this not for the benefit of others, I do it for my own.  It’s a survival instinct which allows me to remain in a place where it might otherwise be considered a terrible faux pas to run away from in abject terror.

That, and often times I find I’m really not paying attention.

I wonder if most “witty” people are similarly insecure in close-quarters and are using a similar defense strategy.  Perhaps professional comedians are just terribly insecure folks who make their social weakness a career choice.

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  1. Frank Reeder says:

    Whoa! This is so on point. Wes, as somebody who knows you pretty well, I agree. You are not typically witty. (Just like you are not your typical Baptist) But you can be a stitch sometimes. It’s just you being you. And that’s good. It’s called authentic.

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