Identity Confusion

There is another Wesley Allen who lives near me, who also happens to be a pastor.  Our wives have the same first name, and we also happen to go to the same dentist.  We’ve met and hung out a little, he’s a great guy.

At the dentist this usually means we need to make sure the staff is looking at the right set of x-rays before allowing them to work.  This is made even funnier because that particular dentist also has two OTHER Wesley Allen’s who are patients of that office!

Anyway, the identity confusion was taken up another notch today when we received other-Wes’ Amazon order.  It had my name on it, and my mailing address, but we didn’t order it.  I checked my account to see if someone might have placed the order on my account and it wasn’t there. We checked our credit card for the charge, it wasn’t there either.  So my wife got on the phone with Amazon (yes, that’s possible) and tried to figure out what was going on.  The woman on the help-desk confirmed our account, and then proceeded to say that her records showed it was ordered by a Wesley Allen with a much different gmail address, and shipped to an address several blocks away.  When I heard the address I said, “I think I’ll give Wes a call and see if he ordered a cash register.” Yes, it’s extremely weird saying that, you should see people’s reactions when we wish each other happy birthday on FaceBook.

Anyway, I gave Wes a call and the conversation went like this between Other Wes (OW) and Me (Me)…

OW: Is this my future calling?

Me: Yes, it’s your future calling.

OW: So how is my future?

Me: You’re future is wondering if you happened to order a cash register.

OW: I did order a cash register!

Me: Well, that thing the dentist does to us? Amazon’s started it too – ’cause your cash register got shipped to me for some reason.

OW: I’ll be right over.

I have to say that was one of the oddest database glitches I’ve ever uncovered. My wife was on the phone with a first tier tech support worker, and this was way over her pay-grade – so I hope it actually gets addressed.  All’s well that ends well, though.  Wes is getting his register, I was never charged for it, and we got offered a $20 coupon for our trouble.


One thought

  1. There are lots of Catherine Johnson’s in the world, I’ve run across a few personally through the years. I was at a new doctors a few years back; the receptionist asked if I still had an insurance I had not used in many years. I said “no” so she looked more closely at the chart. Chuckling she said “I guess you weren’t born in 1941?” That is when I started using my middle initial on all medical paperwork!!!!

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