Amazing Art


Amazing Art, a set on Flickr.

I meet some pretty wonderful people in my life. One of this is a person we’ll just call “Ms. P.” She’s a joy to be around and an extremely creative person (also a recent entrant into the world of iPad users, but that’s another story).

Recently Ms. P was stranded “above stairs” while an elevator got repaired, and busied herself with one of her more recent hobbies, painting. Not only was I shown her river scenes, she let me take images of many of her other paintings as well. These are the images which captured her art the best.

It’s not “high art,” and it doesn’t need to be. It’s the expression of someone who finds joy and wonder in creativity, and simply loves to share that joy with others. Keep in mind, Ms. P has only been painting for 7 years!

I’m drawn to people like her, not only because she is wonderful to be around but also because she embraces the reality that to be alive is to always be learning and growing.


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  1. Awesome paintings! Sure, not high art, but much better than I could ever do! 😀

    As a side note, I have an idea where Christ’s “sash” comes from: in iconographic tradition, Christ is depicted wearing a red tunic, wrapped in a blue mantle. This is, IIRC, intended to symbolize Christ’s divinity (red) wrapped in his humanity (blue). Likewise, Mary is depicted wearing a blue dress, wrapped in a red mantle. As Christ’s layered garments, then, represent the Incarnation, Mary’s represent theosis, the union of man with God, which is the ultimate end of our salvation.

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