My Goal – Constructive Blogging

Thus far, I am enjoying this new discipline of blogging something every day. Blogging can be a difficult practice to do well, and I’m committed to making Painfully Hopeful a valuable destination for blog readers.

As I begin this journey I want to make to myself regarding the nature of Painfully Hopeful. It would be easy for me to become one of the masses of people who use their space to take pot-shots at various movements and individuals. In the past six months alone I could have done endless posts this past year railing at celebrity pastors, the failings of church manifestations I don’t appreciate, or stoking up feelings of fear and anger to be directed at my “ideological enemies.” It would have been easy.

This isn’t the path I want Painfully Hopeful to take. My desire is for this space to be a constructive presence in the blogosphere. This doesn’t mean I won’t write critical reviews1 or constructive critiques2 – after all, I do have opinions. My hope is, however, that such critiques will be thought-out, offer positive alternatives, and fair. After all, the people whom I may critique are human-beings created in God’s image – just like me. I can offer critiques without being cruel.

I try to live my life as a Christian in the same way. I do not wish to live in the default posture of being against, always on the lookout for enemies in need of eradication. I want to live for a way of life, established by Jesus, and this is also how I want to use this space. I won’t get it perfect, but I think it’s a worthy aspiration.

  1. See my review of The Battle of Five Armies for an example of one of these. 
  2. Check out Advent Annual for an example of this.