Pastoring the Misfits

I pastor a strange church.

A few years ago I began to refer to it as The Land of Misfit Christians 1. It’s about as good a description as any. Central Baptist is filled with people who have odd senses of humor, a goofy relationship with formality, and an uneasy truce with social convention. We aren’t a “hip” church 2, we’re not even an overtly “weird” church 3. We’re just… strange.

Are we perfect? Not by a long-shot. We take a bit too long to greet visitors, and we have a terrible track record fully including newcomers into the fellowship. Sometimes we’re so comfortable with each other we forget that our fellowship is meant for mission. I wonder if we worked so hard to create a space for the misfits that we’re afraid to anything which might rock the boat and disrupt the peace 4.

I’ll never over-sell Central. We still have a bunch of work to do to help this church thrive, but I’ll always celebrate it’s beautful oddness. There are so many gifts which make this a truly special congregation, and I am priveleged to guide this leg of our journey.

  1. It’s the type of church that advertises a White Elephant re-gifting the week after Christmas Day, and then things a creepy baby is perfect present to inflict on someone else. 
  2. I’m not cool. Never have been, never will be – I don’t think I could successfully pastor a “cool” congregation. 
  3. People even look rather, “normal,” whatever that means. 
  4. Sometimes I fear the pastor gets in our way. 

5 Thoughts

    1. As someone pointed out to me on Sunday, we’re really all misfits, it’s just that some people pretend better than others.

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