Back to the Video!

I’ve been fascinated with digital video ever since I first played with pulling on to a Blueberry iMac from a Mini-DV Tape. It didn’t matter to me that iMove took forever to render transitions, or that the audio stunk, or that the Blueberry iMac had a laughable amount of storage to work with digital video. It was cool.

In fact, it was so cool that when I left working at schools in order to accept a call as a pastor, I purchased a digital video camera as soon as I could afford it. I no longer had access to an iMac, but managed to install an open source video editor called Cinelerra. Through Cinelerra I was able to make use of some “on the street interviews” for sermons. I even made a 13 minute video on the season of Advent which can still be found on the web 1. One of my favorite videos, though, is my Bible Study Spoof. It was a fun time to be using video in ministry.

As time when on, however, I moved away from doing a lot of video editing. At first, the cause was the switch from Standard Definition to High Definition. This pushed my poor Linux laptop to the breaking point. Even after I picked up some hardware capable of editing HD video, though, this task remained on the back burner. The reason why can be summed up in one word, “Quality.”

I simply didn’t have the money to record good video and clear audio. As such, I couldn’t justify the time I needed to edit video into something usable. As I wasn’t able to get the type of quality I wanted, I moved on to other hobbies, such as photography.

Video is now ready to find it’s way back in my toolbox. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been slowly assembling a video studio for ABCNJ 2, the denominational region of which I’m part. There are lights, a nice mixer, three cameras, and an ATEM TV Studio to handle switching and video processing. The goal is to use the video like a news studio, and encourage people to submit news-style reports from around the region. We’ll even be able to stream live!

I haven’t yet had it fully up and running, there are still a few components which need to arrive, but I have tested all the main devices and they make me excited for the possibilities. Will our streams look like professional broadcasts? Probably not, at least not right away, but the quality will be far beyond anything I’ve ever produced. For that, I’m quite excited!

Now, to dream.

  1. Nope. No link. The audio is laughable, the video quality is terrible, and the editing is bad. Besides I just looked for it and I couldn’t find it. 
  2. The American Baptist Churches of New Jersey.