Journey reflection – one month down

Exactly one month ago I began my year-long commitment to blog every day of 2105. After 30 days it’s shifted from chore to habit, and I’ve really enjoyed the process. I thought I’d take a moment to share some “one month in” thoughts.

Patterns are good

With the encouragement from some folks in my congregation, I’ve committed to posting an edited sermon manuscript as my blog entry on Monday (at least, when I’ve preached the Sunday prior). These are not my most popular posts, but it’ll be nice to track my preaching journey throughout the year. If you come to this site for the geeky stuff, I hope you’ll at find these posts somewhat interesting.

As the year rolls on I’d like to take a cue from Monday and expand my blog pattern. I have such a wide range of interests that it’s difficult to narrow my blog down, and sometimes I think that confuses potential readers. I’ll try to let this pattern form naturally over time, rather than impose it upon myself, so we’ll see how this goal works out. Looking at my posts I already see a pattern forming – the last two Tuesdays I posted some fictional pieces.

Disciplines are healthy

I have several spiritual disciplines I practice daily or weekly 1. I read Scripture before doing anything else in the morning, working my way through the Bible on a yearly basis. Each week I translate several passage of Scripture for my upcoming preaching. I also muse on my sermon passages and prepare a message for Central Baptist 2. I jot down notes of people I need to contact over the week, and do so 3. I receive, forward on, and pray for prayer requests.

I’ve found these disciplines to be healthy endeavors for my spiritual life. They take my time and give me targets through which to pace myself. Other activities always encroach on the space my disciplines take up, but they are so ingrained that I’m able to push them back and keep some distraction free moments in my daily routine. Blogging has now joined these other disciplines. While it’s not exactly like the classic spiritual discipline of journaling, it’s still an exercise which requires me to pause, step back from my busyness, and reflect. The time I take to write, usually in the evening, is time where my mind and heart are actively renewed.

Visitors are nice

I’m not much of a stats freak, but I have been paying attention to my stats over this month. I just wanted to see if anyone was actually reading the posts. In 2014, with sporadic posting habits, I averaged 640 views, and 500 visitors a month. As I write this my January 2015 totals are 2089 views and 1103 visitors to the site.

I don’t post here to become a “known blogger,” but any writer wants to know people are reading their pieces. The numbers show folks are reading 4, and that’s what makes this fun. Thank you so much!

Anyway, welcome to February. The journey continues!

  1. There are many more I’m not so great at. 
  2. I’ve often heard people speak about preaching as though it wasn’t a spiritual discipline, but just a “work task.” I do not get these people, at all. 
  3. Yes, this is a discipline for me. Left to myself, I’d just hibernate all week and emerge on Sunday. Reaching out to folks isn’t a condition of my employment, it’s a discipline I practice in service to Christ. 
  4. And also some click-farms, sigh.