Some days on Facebook…

Some days I wonder why I bother doing the things I do. The feeling that I’m only spinning my wheels doing the same thing over and over and over ends up darkening my mood. Whatever causes this shadow, I’m usually left feeling my own inadequacy. On the worst days I just want to give up and go back to bed.

Often these modes will be broken through a conversation, a small note on Facebook, or a friendly text message. In the darkest of times its just nice to know my personal perspective isn’t entirely accurate.

On very rare occasions these dark days coincide with my birthday 1. If you’re on Facebook having a rough day on your birthday is actually kind of a good thing.

I’m terrible at the Facebook birthday wishes on the wall endeavor – mostly because I’m afraid I’ll forget someone, especially a congregant, and wind up inadvertently making that person feel unimportant. I do try to send private messages, because it feels a bit more personal and no one sees who I’m sending them to 2, but even then I’m not great at it 3. Still, I appreciate the gesture, even if I’m terrible at making it.

I had a dark day for part of my birthday, but when I opened Facebook the dozens upon dozens of well-wishers helped me see that my dark mood wasn’t all there was. By the time I got to go out with my family for dinner, the mood had long-passed, and I had a great time. I know social networking can be used for terrible things, I’ve seen it be used for terrible things, but sometimes it can be a nice spark which helps bring joy back. So to all who wished me a happy birthday, and even to those who didn’t, I say, “thanks.”

  1. Nope, I’m not going to say why. 
  2. Not including Facebook’s data crawlers, of course. 
  3. I’ve probably missed several birthdays this year alone. If I missed yours, you have my apologies.