“You look good.”

Rice and snap peas
This is one of my favorite meals – brown rice and steamed snap peas, with a touch of sweet chili sauce to accent the flavors and bring some heat (I love spicy foods).

That was one of the first things a friend of mine said to me over lunch yesterday. After a winter with a blood-pressure scare, cloudy days, and too much snow it was good to hear. This winter my life has changed quite a bit, and just about all for the better. I’m much more careful about what I eat, which means sticking to the actual “serving size” for the foods I take in during meals. The side effect of this is that I’m eating less carbs, drastically reducing my sodium 1, and adding more veggies to my diet. I’ve been learning the joys of vegetables more and more over the years, but now I find myself craving them when I haven’t had enough. I also have learned to love rice, and rice of all varieties 2. I’ve also been making sure to stand more, and have gotten into a simple exercise routine. I won’t claim that I’ve felt insanely more energetic and happy 3, but perhaps it’s helped to keep the specter of last year’s experience of Seasonal Affective Disorder at bay.

With winter coming to an end I can say that I’ve lived through the first season of this new journey, and it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

To celebrate, yesterday I had a burger. I think it was the first red meat I’ve eaten since January. It was yummy. To celebrate that, I walked home. Changes.

  1. Seriously, did you know that a burger at some restaurants has over 1000mg of sodium more than the suggested intake for an entire day
  2. Brown is my favorite, but wild rice is also tasty. This past week we tried Bhutan Red Rice, which my wife enjoyed but I thought was too bland. 
  3. People who say things like that annoy me. 
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