Very proud pastor

There are days where I can’t help but think how fortunate I am to be pastoring the folks at Central Baptist. Tonight, for the first time in several years, we hosted a week of the local Lenten Soup Supper & Worship 1. We’d dropped out when the kind soul who used to handle it laid down her ladle and no one jumped to pick it up. I’m of the persuasion that if there isn’t a passion for doing something, pushing forward with an event or project only leads to burn-out, so I never forced the issue.

This year, however, our ministerium was short on locations and I was asked if we could host. I put the opportunity out to the congregation and got three enthusiastic responses. We set a date and preparation began. It was, all around, an excellent experience. The planning was brilliant, the collaboration excellent, and the support from folks in the congregation blew me away. People made soup, picked up other items for the meal, and showed up early to put it all together. The choir added a song to their already busy schedule, our musicians were fantastic, and our greeters were terrific. The point person of our property circle even noticed how our lot had become a swampy mess this winter and made sure some stone got delivered to the Church so people would be ok parking. While many folks were downstairs prepping the meal, many more were outside with rakes, smoothing the lot out for others.

I am naturally inclined to be terrified by social events, but I was so distracted by the joy I felt seeing this church go above and beyond I ended up loving every minute of it. Central Baptist stellar job. Now leave me alone, I’ve had far too much social interaction for the day.

  1. We really need to think of a more catchy name. 

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