Meta Camera

Today’s entry is a bit “meta.” Last week I was walking home after having lunch with a good friend and came across a beautiful-looking mirror behind our local strip mall. Seeing as I had my camera with me for the walk, what else could I do but take a picture? As the subject of the picture was a mirror, how could I not take a picture of me taking a picture?

I love this image for several reasons.

Wezlo taking a picture of himself, taking a pictureFirst, it shows off the ability of Lightroom to correct the aspect ratio of images. The original of this image was not straight-on and level. The mirror was leaning up against a wall, and I was certainly not dead-level when I snapped the shot.

Second, and I don’t type this to puff myself up, I love my pose. I think, in the minds of people, there is an mental image of what a photographer looks like when they are about to take a photograph. The pose I’m making fits that mental image perfectly. I love it! Deep down I think every adult likes seeing reminders that they are actually a “grown-up.” So I take a child-like pleasure when I get one 1.

Third, I just love the idea of taking a picture of me taking a picture. It’s fun to look at myself and imagine myself on the other side of the lens framing the shot. I experience a “mirrors within mirrors” moment when I examine this image, and it’s a lot of fun.

Anyway, happen soon-to-be-Spring folks. Enjoy the change of seasons and get ready see some awesome color emerge from it’s Winter dormancy!

  1. If you need to read those sentences a couple of times to have them make sense, you are paying attention.