Having fun with displacement

I’ve been playing with displacement maps in photoshop, and having a lot of fun. Below are two images which spring from my experiments. In the first I wanted to see if I could make the ABCNJ 2015 Annual Session logo appear as though it were printed on a a piece of fabric flapping in the breeze, and almost succeeded. I need to go back and change the logo a bit to really make it work. Removing the slight shadow from the top layer would probably improve the effect. Still, the effect is not bad, and this was my first attempt.

ABCNJ Testify

The second was done for the drama club at the high school, it’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m much more pleased with this image, as I was able to create an extremely high-contrast displacement map to create the effect.

Intermission on curtain

In case you’re interested with how I learned to use this photoshop plugin, YouTube is my friend.


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  1. I haven’t mucked with Photoshop stuff like this in years. Maybe should look at it again now that I have Creative Cloud.

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