Good Friday

I’m battling an illness so I don’t have much to say, but this Good Friday I thought I’d share an image of a cross. I am amazed at how Christians have coopted this horrific instrument of destruction into a symbol of hope 1. On Good Friday God in the Flesh yielded his life up for us – not only bringing us the promise of forgiveness and eternal life, but also redeeming the entirety of Creation. The Cross is not, as some have portrayed it, “cosmic child abuse.” 2 It is victory. Victory over the powers which seek to destroy both humanity and the whole of Creation. Victory over sin, and victory over death. Today is the day we celebrate being ransomed back for God through Christ’s shed blood.

A blessed Good Friday, allow the lights to go out so you will be able to see The Light as he begins to shine.

Cross in the Green Cathedral

If you would like to explore Good Friday some more, I invite you to come to a Tenebrae service at Central Baptist Church tonight, beginning at 7PM.

  1. Even if I am a bit disturbed by how we also try to make the cross “pretty.” 
  2. Though I suppose this misunderstanding is understandable, seeing how many Christians now insist that “penal substitutionary atonement” is the only valid theory.