Church At Night

I was out picking my daughter up at school Saturday night and noticed the Methodist Church down the street from me has some rather cool uplighting.

What to do? – The Sermon

Following the attack on a Texas church last week, I feel the need to take an interlude from my current sermon series.

It’s Just Business?

Several months ago my friend Jamison recently posted his thoughts about government not being a business. He makes me think quite a bit, and this post has been nagging at me about the relationship between the Church and the notion of business. See, I’ve heard people from all over the institutional and theological spectrum utter…


I’ve been the pastor Central Baptist Church for thirteen years. Over those years I’ve walked the streets near my home many times. The last few of those years I’ve made it a point to carry a camera on my walks so I could practice the art of photography. So imagine my surprise when I discover…


The image above is from an Atlantic City church, taken nearly two years after Hurricane Sandi gutted the place. An ABCNJ work team was on site the day I took the photo 1, there was still an entire wing of the building which couldn’t be entered without breathing masks, it was that dangerous to humans….

Good Friday

I’m battling an illness so I don’t have much to say, but this Good Friday I thought I’d share an image of a cross. I am amazed at how Christians have coopted this horrific instrument of destruction into a symbol of hope 1. On Good Friday God in the Flesh yielded his life up for…