Fiction Tuesday – Big Trouble

Walter stepped fully into the small examination room. “If I heard correctly, it sounds like young Jeremy here is in some Trouble, Ama. Does that mean you figured out he was Chasing the Dark out there along The Boulevard?”

Ama sighed. “It seems, Old Fox, that you began your eaves-dropping a bit late this evening.” Ama placed her right hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and guided him in a turn until he was facing Walter. “Jeremy was certainly not Chasing the Dark. In fact, he possesses a warning advising him to avoid doing so. Jeremy, show Walter your paper.”

With that, Jeremy handed Walter the note he had found after he had first woken up. Walter took it from Jeremy’s hand, and read it. As he did so his eyes widened slightly, followed by slight shaking of his head. Walter seemed to read the note several times, as it was some time before he again addressed the room. “‘Welcome to the Valleys.’ Ama, do you think…?”

Ama held up the box from which she had first pulled the stone that had glowed in Jeremy’s hand. “Yes, Walter, I do. Jeremy is a pathfinder. A new pathfinder.”

To Jeremy’s shock, Walter face drained of color. “Oh dear. Oh this is not good. Jeremy, lad, can you not remember anything? What are you doing here? Where are you from, son?”

Jeremy shook his head vigorously. “Walter, I don’t know. Truly I don’t. I wish I could remember, and sometimes I think I’m about to remember something, but then it get snatched away in my head. Ama says there’s something in me which is keeping me from remembering.”

Walter turned his gaze towards the healer, “Is this true, Ama? You weren’t able to restore Jeremy’s memories?”

“No, Walter. Whatever is blocking his mind is beyond my restoratives. Something from outside The Valleys doesn’t want Jeremy to remember.”

Walter began to massage his forehead. “Oh, this is bad, Jeremy. Very bad.”

The combination of Walter and Ama’s reactions set Jeremy on edge, making him feel as though he were some dangerous weapon unleashed on their world. He did not like the feeling. “But why Walter? Why is this not good? I don’t understand!”

This time Ama placed both hands on Jeremy’s shoulders and turned him to face her gaze. Her expression was both gentle and kind, the warmth of her gaze helped steady Jeremy’s heart. “Because, dear child, your presence here means change. They won’t like it, certainly – but neither will the Senator families in the inner valleys.”

“I can see why they, whoever “they” are, wouldn’t like me here. You told me they didn’t want any of us here. But what why would some old Senators be freaked out about me?”

“Because, lad,” Walter began as Jeremy turned toward his friend, “You’re arrival means there’s a new bloodline in play. There’s not one in a thousand people who can make those stones glow. They all come from the the bloodlines of the originators, the first folks tho came to the valley. It’s only those who can cause the glow who can serve in the Senate. Families spend years trying trying to make sure they’ve always got someone who’s able to do it. They’re all inter-mingled now, of course. Some of the families have fallen on hard times, but they are all mighty-powerful. You upset their carts, and they don’t even know it yet. Oh, this is a watermelon and make no mistake.”

“Walter, I don’t know anything about this place or how I even got here. What am I going to do?”

This time, Ama responded, “The only thing we can do, child. We’re going to take you to The Ravine.”


  1. Peg Horton says:

    Do I have to wait until next Tues to learn what is. Going to happen to Jeremy ?

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    1. wezlo says:

      Yes Miss Peg, Fiction Tuesday it is.

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