Minecraft, my favorite playground

I enjoy Minecraft. I’m not a very gifted builder, but love to explore the world and create routes upon which to travel. First I head out and create markers which point back towards my main settlement, then I eventually work out laying roads. Once I get to the end of my routes I push out again and form new routes through the wilderness, eventually expanding my roads once again. Over time I build houses which become their own small settlements. My favorite world is one in which I’ve been playing since the Summer, and the expanse of my roads is getting a bit absurd. Currently I have an East-West road which crosses almost the entire continent and, including a village I discovered, I’d set up twelve settlements which form the network.

This particular world also forms the backdrop for the setting of The Valleys in my serial fiction series. The settlements in the story are obviously larger than my one house Minecraft homesteads, but the geography is all there. It’s so much fun to “walk” in a world where a story is taking place.

One of the cool things about Minecraft is it’s one of the things my Teenage Daughter and I do together. The video below 1 is actually of my daughter taking a plunge off of a porch she made. If you were wondering where this location is in the world of The Valleys it far up “The Coast” Walter keeps mentioning, a settlement we haven’t seen yet called “Highcliff.” I don’t want to reveal too much of what’s been running around in my head, but Highcliff is an up and coming settlement off the road network created by the people in The Valleys. This is the cause of some tension in this world.

  1. Taken with AirServer, in case you were wondering.