Stacking Photos

I had a rather stressful day yesterday. So to calm myself down I decided to take some time and really learn how to use the DSLR tethering app on my Nexus 7. I’ve toyed with it some in the past, but have never bothered to sit down and explore it’s features.

One feature, in particular, I wanted to try out was exposure stacking. This sets a range of exposure stops, from dark to light, and then takes images for as many stops as you tell it. When the images are combined you end up with a High Dynamic Range image.

Yesterday I figured out how to enable this feature in the app, and then I set my camera to manual mode, set it down on my desk, and set it to take six exposures. I then combined the images into my first real HDR image. The results aren’t spectacular, but I really love how the sunlight and shadows on the pillow turned out 1. I think I’m going to head down to the river at some point next week and capture a sunset this way. The results should be stunning.

HDR photo of a bed and pillows.

  1. This is a cropped image, by the way, the rest of the bed was not fit for public display. 

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  1. Does. That mean you can make the environment look any way you desire ?? That is power!

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