HDR Sanctuary

My post yesterday was my first real HDR photo. It wasn’t the best composition in the world, but I felt it was a good demonstration of what photo stacking could look like. I wanted to experiment some more.

As twilight approached on Friday I took my camera, tripod, and Nexus 7 over to Central’s Sanctuary for a second experiment. Church sanctuaries can be notoriously difficult to capture in an image, especially an older one like Central’s. The light pouring in from the windows tends to be over-exposed, or the dim lighting in the rest of the space tends to throw everything else in shadow. Yesterday’s experiment took nine separate photos at different exposures. I then stacked them in Photoshop. The gallery below contains all the exposures I took, the last image in the sequence is the final stacked version.

One thing of note, this image hasn’t had lens corrections applied. I was demonstrating the HDR app for my youth group and forgot that step. I’m going to process them again at some point today.

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