Some Photoshop “Just for Fun”

I’ve had some fun in Photoshop the last couple of days.

First, on Monday I created an image for “Star Wars Day” 1. My son had taken down the Millennium Falcon from a shelf in my office so he could examine it more closely 2. When I spied it on Saturday I realized I’d never gotten any decent pictures of this iconic toy, so I determined I’d remedy that situation. The results are below.

Star Wars Day, "May the Fourth be with you!"

Yesterday, I began working on the Keynote Theme for ABCNJ’s Annual Session. I always have some fun with this process as I push my understanding of the tools I use a bit further each year. For 2015’s theme I wanted a nice background image to put up on screen during “down times” in the schedule, but which was still branded with the event’s logo. The result is the image below, created with a nice displacement map. “September is Coming” refers to the month of the event – and is an obvious nod to Game of Thrones.

Testify Logo, floating on the river at sunset.

  1. May the Fourth be with you! 
  2. He wanted to play with it, but he’s a teen now, and you can’t say that.