An unexpected interlude

Yesterday was an unusual Sunday morning. The kids were away at their grandparents, and my wife was down in Williamsburg for their Teacher’s Institute. Also, there was no Sunday school so I had an extra forty-five minutes of actual free-time in the morning. So I did something I’ve never done before on a Sunday Morning.

I went out to breakfast.

It was nothing big, I simply hit Panera for a breakfast sandwich and a semi-decent cup of coffee, but it was nice to have that amount of leeway on a Sunday morning. My Sundays are typically all sermon preparation, getting the kids moving 1, and making sure I’m over at Central before anyone else. The idea of sitting down at my leisure and enjoying a nice quite time by myself away from both the house and the church was too enticing to pass up. So there I sat, munching down a tasty treat while I put the finishing touches on my sermon. I wasn’t there long, only forty-five minutes or so, but it was quite refreshing. The Sunday morning crowd at Panera were quite laid back, people read, chatted quietly, or ate in silence. Unlike other mornings, I didn’t even hear any music, adding to the relaxed atmosphere 2.

It’s not something I’d want to do every Sunday, but as a special treat it was wonderful.

  1. Not a trivial activity. 
  2. It may not have been on yet, I entered when the doors were unlocked.