Rustic and Homey

Back in Spring my family spent a quiet few days out with my wife’s parents. They live near Hershey, and the shift in culture from Philly/South Jersey to Philly/Central PA 1 is a wonderful change of pace. Folks out in the Hershey area enjoy a more “rustic” feel to their homes and landscaping than is typically found in South Jersey. As this is where my own tastes lay, I’ll take “rustic and home” rather than “trendy and sterile” any day of the week, I feel much more “at home” in Central PA than I do just about anywhere else on earth 2.

The most observable difference between decorate taste between the two sub-regions is seen on people’s lawns. Out near Hershey lawns are decorated with a fantastic array of antiques which interact with the landscaping. Old wagons become stages for seasonal decorations, rusty tricycles find new life as the center-pieces in decorative gardens, and old weathered benches are transformed shelves for potted plants. I see some of this type of landscaping in South Jersey, but Central PA has elevated it to a high art.

For me, this makes for some fantastic opportunities to take photographs. I’m looking forward to heading out again soon to capture some more of these rustic ornaments, probably with my 40mm prime lens. Hopefully people won’t freak out about me walking on their lawns!

An old radio flyer put into service as a lawn decoration

  1. The dominant cultural magnet in the Lancaster/Harrisburg/York corridor is Philadelphia. 
  2. Williamsburg trumps it, but not by much. 

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    It is called artfully recycling

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