In The Corner

I like simple decorations. Big and gaudy decor tends to make me feel overwhelmed, so the decorations in this photo are right up my alley.

See The Lights

I don’t care for the Christmas season in general, but I do like seeing how people decorate for the holidays. It gives me a chance to practice taking some night photography.


Central Baptist has a Portuguese speaking sister congregation, IBC. They’ve been part of our family for almost two years, and have brought an brilliant energy to our fellowship. It’s amazing to encounter how our different cultures tend to work, and how we compliment one another in many ways. One area in which our Brazilian family-members…

Casper the Maudlin Ghost

This is my favorite image from a photo walk I took late Saturday afternoon. The light was wonderful, and I made my way down to the river so I could walk back with the Sun at my back. This poor little guy was part of one home's Halloween decorations. Far from scary, he's actually kinda…

Rustic and Homey

Back in Spring my family spent a quiet few days out with my wife’s parents. They live near Hershey, and the shift in culture from Philly/South Jersey to Philly/Central PA 1 is a wonderful change of pace. Folks out in the Hershey area enjoy a more “rustic” feel to their homes and landscaping than is…