A splash of color

I took this image back in spring and immediately saw it’s potential for some significant photoshopping.

A single flower is shining in color, against a greyscale backdrop

The high contrast black and white portions of the image speak of the bleakness of Winter, holding on even as the days grow longer. Yet, in the in the midst of the grey is a single color flower, declaring hope.

Some people say faith is an escape from the bleakness of the world, but that’s not faith, that’s the bliss of ignorance 1. Faith stands in the midst of the stark contrast of shadow and refuses to bow in surrender. Instead, with boldness and simplicity, it shines out with color.

This is my hope for Central Baptist. I do not care if we’re the biggest and greatest church around. I don’t even really care if we are known for some big program. My hope is we gain a reputation for living in color with Jesus’ love – and that the folks who make up our fellowship make that color present in the world with every breath.

  1. And, yes, there is far too much of this masquerading with faith’s identity. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    That is my prayer for me. That I will be a living color of Jesus’ love and the good news.

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