What difference?

In Williamsburg there is a bridge which begins the path from the Visitor’s Center to the Historic area. Embedded on this bridge are a series of plaques. Heading into the Historic Area the plaques show some of the fundamental differences between the 21st and 17th Centuries. On the way back to the Visitor’s Center the plaques honor some of the notable figures who helped the experiment that is the United States move forward. It’s a fantastic way to both begin and end a walk into history.

The final plaque on the way back to the Visitor’s Center poses question which remains stuck in my mind. In the stark metallic letters a simple question is posed, “What difference will you make?”

What difference will you make?

It’s a question I often ask myself as I look at the state of our culture. I am one small person caught in the midst of great upheavals. Nor am I an activist by nature. But in the spaces in which I move, what difference will I make to bring some semblance of life and hope and justice?

What difference will you make?