A funny thing happened on the way to next verse

"One does not simply walk up to Wes while he is attempting to run lyrics."

OK, there is obviously a story behind this image.

I’m in charge of running the projection system 1 for ABCNJ’s Annual Session for the past few years. It’s a rewarding challenge, and my skills have grown as a result of my participation.

But for a person who desperately wants to hide in a corner and not be noticed 2 Annual Session is a stressful process. Particularly whenever people come up and try to be friendly when I’m lost in the concentration necessary for me to make certain I’m pressing the right buttons 3.

It’s not that I don’t want to be friendly, I do. It’s just when I’m listening the worship band lead a song for the purpose of changing the lyrics for the congregated, is not the best time to strike up a chat.  Now, admittedly, this almost never happens. Several years ago, however, there was a string of 6 or 7 people who walked over to me and attempted to strike up a conversation right as I was about to activate the transition which triggered the opening of Annual Session. As my mental processing can’t handle vocal communication while I’m concentrating 4, all I could do was wave them off and shoo them away from my table. I finally had to have my partner stand in front of me and tell people, “Wes really can’t talk right now.”

Now, to be fair, I spend so much time looking like I’m lost in thought most of my acquaintances probably can’t spot the difference between my posture of semi-social meditation and my posture of extreme concentration 5. It doesn’t make the interruptions any less stressful, but it is certainly understandable.

During the meal break yesterday one of the gentleman who got waved off brought brought the incident up today with a smirk, “Is it ok to talk? No one is going to wave me off?”  His son-in-law and daughter was standing with me when he posed the question and landed in a fit of giggles 6. Somehow the son-in-law turned it into a Boromir meme and, well, I had to reward such creativity by actually turning it into the appropriate image 7.

And, yes, I did put it up on screen. Sometime during the main course of our meal, if memory serves.

  1. Not to mention designing the visuals. 
  2. Any the boisterous zaniness is anxiety working it’s way out, that’s not a need for attention, it’s a need to over express energy so I don’t run away crying. 
  3. And even then I mess something up. 
  4. I do become an olympic-level “shh-er” though. 
  5. The key is to look at the expression in my eyes. When I’m in extreme concentration they flash involuntary warning signals. 
  6. They’d heard the story, but hadn’t known such an illustrious member of their family had been involved. 
  7. Also, Bruce, next year we will get someone to wear the silly glasses during an interview. 

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