Simpsons Sky

It’s been a rather tough week around these parts. So for my Saturday post I want to do something short, sweet, and fun.

The Sunday the Pope was in Philly, I wandered down to the banks of the Delaware to see if I could get an image of the Pope flying away in the helicopter that was being used to shuttle him around the city. All that week people had been seeing the helicopter used by the President, accompanied by two Osprey’s, flying low over the river as they approached a temporary landing site. It would have been a great image to have, and I hoped I could capture one while the Pope took off after visiting a nearby prison.

Sadly, I didn’t arrive down there in time 1. I did take some images of of very nice looking clouds, however, and when I brought them into Lightroom a single thought stuck in my head, “Ohmygosh, it’s the Simpsons!”

So here is my image for the day, a real-life rendition of the clouds in the Simpsons’ opening. Enjoy.

The clouds from the Simpsons opening montage, in real life!

  1. The preacher at Central Baptist 2 is long-winded and uncaring that people have lives outside what he says on Sunday mornings. 
  2. That is, me. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Now listen to your “adoptive grand mother.. Monday is your day off. SO don’t let any thing or body interfere . You had a tough week and maybe the sermon could be short. @:-).

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