Delaware Water Gap

A few years after my wife and I were married, we found ourselves driving through the Delaware Water Gap on our way home from a friend’s cabin. I immediately fell in love with the location, but have never been in a position to return and actually enjoy it.

That is, until yesterday.


Our neighbor, and “shutter buddy,” is actually from the area near the Gap, and suggested we take a trip there to hike up the trail and grab some pictures. October seemed like a good time to try, and yesterday was the day we set to travel up.

The path up the mountain is actually rather steep, and significant portions are spent hopping from rock to rock, but not overly-difficult. Not even for a barely-moving 42 year old.

The views along the trail were absolutely worth the effort and I finally got to take pictures I’ve been imagining for probably close to 16 years. Tomorrow, however, I’m going to be extremely sore.

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    I don’t need to remind you you are growing older and you may be out of shape, your bones and muscles will do that

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