Magnetic Wisdom

Shortly after I started at Central Baptist, we had a contemplative worship in the evenings called “CrossPoint.” It was a good season, and I learned much about worship by taking part in it’s organization. A number of people would like to see it return, maybe one day it will.

The key to CrossPoint was an attempt to bring back “five-sense worship.” I’ve lamented for years at the sensory deprivation tanks we call “Protestant worship,” and we began with the goal of utilizing all of our senses to honor God and the Lamb who sits on the throne.

Being Baptist, we have a natural inclination to reinvent the wheel. So, while the prayer stations we developed were all informed by ancient prayer practices, many of the experiences were developed by our planning team.

A favorite was what we called Create a Psalm. We placed a veritable smorgasbord of magnetic word-magnets on a metal board and asked people to spend time in prayer over them while meditating on our Scripture for the evening. As they meditated, they were to form a response to our reading and arrange it on the board.

This prayer station was always a favorite of my wife’s. So, when she began brainstorming ways to encourage our youth group to embrace the idea of meditative reflection, this prayer station was quickly put on the list.

Young people never cease to amaze me. Sometimes you can look in the eyes of an adolescent and think there cannot possibly be anyone home 1. And then, when given an opportunity to stop and accept the freedom to ponder, they come out with something like the line below.


May this longing of the heart be fulfilled.

  1. Actually, I wonder that with adults a lot as well. 

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  1. I have not experience contemplative worship, but Rene and I do contemplative prayer. At first I didn’t like losing myself. Have you ever tried it I think contemplative worship would be very satisfying .I would like it some time

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  2. The chaplain and I practice contemplative prayer weekly. I would like to learn contemplative worship.

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