A Walk on the beach

The weather was very nice today, and I felt like heading out to take some pictures. So I called my neighbor and we headed out to Palmyra Nature Cove to walk the paths and see what we could see.

I had contemplated bringing my tripod and TP-Link router so I could try out some HDR photography, but in the end decided against it. Had I brought it, however, the leaf below would have been my favorite subject.

A single leaf, fallen along the banks of the Delaware

It must have fallen that very afternoon and settled gently into the bank along the Delaware. It’s browns and oranges act almost as camouflage against it’s backdrop, but in the end it won’t help it. The tide will roll in and lift this leaf own into the stream, from which it will never been seen again.

That’s a bit maudlin, but the beauty of Fall is like that. All bright and beautiful – and temporary.

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    One leaf brought to you a moment of pleasure and that it was meant to do.when I briefly meet a person even for a short time may my presence give a moment of blessing.

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