An “oops” and an anouncement

Yesterday I promised a screencast showing qDSLRdashboard in action. I did, in fact, record a video, edited it, and posted it on youtube. I then realized, as I watched the video on youtube, that I had forgotten to apply an editing change across all my cuts 1. This rendered the video unusable, as the key features I wanted to show off ended up out of frame. Typically I’d just go back and re-edit the project, but I had actually deleted the footage to save storage space on my MacBook Pro 2. I’ll record this video again when I get some time this coming Monday. And this leads to my announcement.

I’ve been musing with dedicating the month of November to writing Welcome to the Valleys. I can now say for certain this is, indeed, my intention for NaNoWriMo 3. Beginning with Monday’s post, I will dedicate at least the five weekdays to the story of Welcome to the Valleys. I will try to keep up with the Author’s notes, as readers here on this blog seem to enjoy them, but we will see how that works out.

So, my apologies for the missing video. I hope you enjoy the November journey with Jeremy and company!

  1. It was my first time using ScreenFlow, and I just messed it up. 
  2. This would be the “oops.” 
  3. National Novel Writing Month. 

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