I just couldn’t

Yesterday I wrote how I was committed to spending several days with the Pebble Steel so I could give it a real chance to find a place in my workflow.

I just couldn’t.

This morning, as I went about setting up things for worship, the device was just so noticeable. I felt it on my wrist, and it interfered with my range of motion. Before I’d even finished setting up my computer the watch was off my wrist and in my bag. It was just too annoying to put up with.

In my short with with the watch I do have to say it was interesting to see my text and slack messages on the small screen. The text was very readable and the Pebble could fit a good amount on the screen. The problem, however, was that I couldn’t reply to the messages I received. To send replies, I still had to pull out my phone. At that point I found myself wondering, “What’s the point?”

My friends on Theotek have all told me it takes three weeks to get used to wearing a watch, and that sounds about right. My natural proclivities, however, leave me without any desire to reach that three week mark. The very idea of suffering with something on my wrist is not appealing in the slightest.

So the experiment wasn’t a long as I had originally intended, but at least I didn’t spend any money on it.

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