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This past week my wife asked me to create a slide show detailing the events of Lexington and Concord. I’m busy learning Apple Motion so I decided to give that application a try while I designed a short narrative. I’m pleased with the results, though I do need to tweak the formula.

This animation only covers up to the point of the engagement at the Old North Bridge, leaving the retreat toward Boston for another time. While a two minute video cannot hope to cover the entirety of an historical event 1, I did want to convey some bits of information which sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Most notably, I wanted to point out the fires which occasioned the militia’s march on the Old North Bridge had been set by accident 2. But, given the charged environment, the militia were all too willing to believe the Regulars would destroy a Colonial town out of spite.

I didn’t know what my wife’s students would think. I’m not a professional animator, after all, and there was nothing colorful in this presentation. And yet, they seemed to grasp it’s intent and were able to draw conclusions from the video beyond what was displayed in the text. To me, it was a wonderful example of how multimedia can be used to augment any lesson for which a teacher has a passion.

  1. Nor can a several-hundreds page book, so I don’t feel all the bad. 
  2. The Regulars also attempted to douse the flames. 

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  1. I listen to the stories from your post cause that started the revolution? That was very good. Thanks for the history lesson.

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