I’ve posted images of the stained glass in front of Central’s sanctuary before, but I wanted to get a different angle for today’s meditation on “covenant.”

For Christians, our covenant with God is established through Christ – his life, death, and resurrection. These three panes reveal much of that story, and they stand as reminders to us at Central as we worship.

"Covenant" - Jesus Nativity,Resurrection, and Baptism in stained glass

There is no crucifixion scene, even though it’s a key moment of Christian theology. This is partly because the sanctuary was constructed at a time when a crucifixion scene would have seemed “too Catholic” (all our crosses are empty). It’s also covered in the baptism image on the right, as this depicts Jesus’ declaration that he would stand with and for a fallen humanity. It’s doubly appealing for this church because it’s a baptism scene, and that’s kind of in our name.

In the end, I’m pleased with the combination of the low angle and the way I was able to process the lighting in Lightroom.

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  1. Those panels reminds me each time I see them the wonderful man marvelous gift of saLvation through Jesus . Thank you for that post.

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