Most Thankful

I’ve been fighting a cold for the better part of a week, and actually feel quite miserable, but I managed to have an excellent birthday weekend.

First, some friends from Massachusetts arrived on Friday and stayed until they continued a journey South this morning. They are some of our best family friends in the world, and it was great having them down to celebrate my birthday and to meet their youngest 1. When they are down the kids go play and we get to enjoy hanging out. It’s not like we do a whole lot 2, it the wonder of being with friends that makes it so great.

This morning’s worship attendance was down due to a combination of dangerous cold and a holiday weekend, but I didn’t mind. I’m still fighting this cold and a smaller crowd meant I didn’t have to “rev up” a whole lot to be functional 3. This is sometimes a nice change of pace, even though I miss seeing folks.

Icy Sunset on the DelawareSunday afternoon I converted my Raspberry Pi into an OpenELEC media server 4, and then invited a friend over to show it off. As we were messing around he said, “Think we can grab some pictures down by the river before the Sun sets?” It was about 8 degrees and the wind was blowing, but I figured, “Why not?” 5. We captured some nice images and returned home.

Shortly thereafter I noticed our Brazilian brothers and sisters had shown up for worship. On my birthday the pastor dropped off a present to me from the congregation, a remote-controlled BB8! When I noticed their arrival I thought, “You know, I need to go over than thank them for their birthday present.” 6 So, I popped over and grabbed a few batteries, and then took BB8 for a spin with my Brazilian friends. This is a very kind group of people, and I’m honored they have made me part of their family.

Sick as I’ve been, and with all sorts of weirdness going on all around me, this was a great weekend. Sometimes you simply need to sit back and be thankful.

  1. Who is adorable. 
  2. I’m boring. 
  3. If I don’t “rev up” I begin to wonder what I’m doing, and then tend to hide in a corner. 
  4. This is the type of thing nerds do to relax. 
  5. Astute readers will no doubt be thinking, “But he’s been saying how he’s sick!” This is the case. Sometimes having photography as a hobby tosses wisdom to the winds. 
  6. Even socially awkward geeks get social convention right sometimes. 

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  1. I think, put a camera in your hands and it becomes adrenalin in your vanes. Also you may need your daily dose of ginger tea to fight your cold.

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