At Central we take a nod from our liturgical brothers and sisters and make our prayer time “of the people.” Given that we are who we are, this takes on a rather odd format, but is nevertheless endearing to me 1.

Prayer time at Central Baptist

This image was captured just as prayer time was beginning, and our prayer leader was settling his nerves with a few calming remarks. I almost used him as today’s image, but wasn’t sure he’d appreciate it 2. Still, this image captures much of the peculiar culture of Central. There is modern technology, projecting age-old prayers. The foreground is a typical Baptist “it’s only a remembrance, nothing more,” 3 adorned in the liturgical colors of the Church calendar.

Central is wonderfully peculiar, it’s a privilege to pastor here.

  1. Though, truth be told, I long of the sheer thoroughness of a liturgical Prayers of the People
  2. I got a capture of him in a terrific “evil scientist” pose, though. It’s awesome. 
  3. If Baptists understood the point of a remembrance, they’d drop the “nothing more” and begin thanking Jesus for reminding us he’s still with us. 

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