healingThis past Friday and Saturday our youth group participated in Worldvision’s 30 Hour Famine. The event calls people to forego food for 30 hours, for which they raise funds to give toward worldwide hunger relief 1. During these 30 hours participants learn about the impact of hunger and poverty, do a service project, and through their hunger pangs begin to develop empathy for those for whom doing without food is simply a way of life.

This was the first year we had students old enough to be able to participate for the full 30 hours, which was a must different experience. Our younger group also popped in and out during the project, which expanded the numbers of our group significantly. From these the thirteen students who participated in some form, our group raised over $2600. These funds will feed six children, as well as provide education, for one year.

This is an act of healing and, while it is truly magnificent for the six children we will be able to support, it’s scope goes well beyond these 30 hours. Hopefully, the empathy learned during this event will be used by the Holy Spirit to broaden and deepen these students’ compassion – not just for those abroad, but for those next door or in the next town over. As they are awakened to the injustice of extreme poverty, we hope they will see this country with similar compassion. For here we also have the injustices which go along with poverty and racism. And, while even the poorest of people in our country may be able to get their hands on “food,” finding nutrition in one of our nations’ many “food deserts” is difficult. The more we become aware and work for the betterment of all, the more we become agents of healing.

The above image was actually taken on my iPhone 4s, way back in 2012. I think we still have the stencil somewhere… I may need to capture it again with my Nikon.

  1. In this, it’s not really a “fast” in the traditional sense, but still a worthwhile endeavor.