Palm Tree iced tea glassIn many human cultures there is a strong link between a cup and “hospitality.” Even in our hospitality-starved culture, one of the first things we ask guests is, “May I get you something to drink?”

The cup displayed in this post is my tangible reminder of the hospitality showed by my Popop, my Paternal Grandfather. Every Saturday we’d take two of these glasses, mix up some over-sugared iced tea, and sit down to a lunch of Deitz and Watson Hot Dogs. When Popop passed away I received several items from his home, but nothing means as much to me as this single glass. To me its a celebration of a special bond we shared.

We Christians pass another cup 1, the cup of Christ himself. On the night he was betrayed, as he celebrated a Passover meal with his disciples, Jesus took a cup of wine and blessed it. Giving thanks he declared, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood 2.” For just shy of 2000 years we Christians have, in one form or another, continued to accept this cup. It is an image of the great graciousness and hospitality of the God who saves in Jesus Christ.

  1. Some more than others. Protestants tend to believe, with a logic which makes no sense to me, accepting God’s love and hospitality too frequently seems to cheapen it’s value. Maybe this is why so many Evangelicals are supporting Trump. 
  2. Luke 22:20b NRSV