Ivy Green

Ivy-covered fenceI’ve always been fascinated with Ivy. When we first purchased the house I grew up in, the entire front of the facade was covered in beautiful blanket of it. Ever since then ivy has always reminded me of “home,” even though we were forced to remove it shortly after we moved in 1.

I came across this ivy-covered fence a week or so ago, on my way to visit a congregant recently home from rehab 2. I was struck by the rusting iron fence which liked the yard, and the weathered look of the wood planks which gave the ivy its platform.

On this quiet Holy Saturday, as Christians hold our breath awaiting Easter, it’s nice to take a step back and see beauty is all around.

ISO 400, 70mm focal length, f5.3, 1/320 exposure.

  1. Ivy doesn’t have the best impact on a building’s long-term health. 
  2. As a general rule, when I walk I like to take my camera with me, it’s a thing.