Historic Smithville Park

Yesterday the “shutter hubbies” took a drive to Historic Smithville Park. It was a beautiful day and we we only managed to scratch the surface of it’s trails and sites. Smithville was an old company town, and the ruins of the old factory complex remain on the site. That alone is worth the trip.

There is also an underground railroad exhibit on the grounds, which is a great treasure to have so near by. We spent a bit more time in there than I would liked, as it seriously cut down on our photo walk, but it is a “must see” for anyone in Burlington County.

I’ve included one of the photos from our excursion below, to see my other posted images, please see my Flickr Album

A walking bridge at Historic Smithville Park

Excursions like this make me think my neighbor’s humorous designation for her husband and I should actually become a “thing.” I love getting together with folks and watching a game or movie, but there is something really cool about going out with people for no other reason than to see the world around us and translate that view into art. And “shutter hubbies” just sounds fun.

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  1. I visited once. We were visiting families who didn’t George parent/teacher conference . One parent came out of the house with a shot gun aiming at us yelling ” get off my property and don’t come “back

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