On the edge

Last night was an absolutely stunning evening here in South Jersey, so the “shutter hubbies” 1 went out to take some photos of yet another Burlington County Park.

I’d been to Willingboro Lakes Park once before, having travelled to it this past Winter on an unseasonably mild day. It was so beautiful at that time I knew I had to go back when the trees were coming back to life!

This trip I got a little further down the path than my previous outing, but I have yet to make it to the other side of the larger lake2. It’s fascinating to walk through nature as it’s stretching itself after a Winter slumber. Willingboro lakes is also a rather unique environment around this area, it’s a human-construction which used to be a commercial recreation area. Even though it’s been long-neglected as a commercial property, the park still bears some telltale signs of design in a way even the more developed parks in this area don’t show. Somehow the neglect makes it’s previous existence more noticeable.

I’ve uploaded eleven photos of this walk on my Flickr Feed, but I saved the photo below for the blog. It’s taken near the end of a causeway in the smaller lake. There’s an island on other side of the short gap which can be see near the center of the image, and I wonder if there used to be a way across. I love the feeling of being “on the edge” of something, as the Sun creates harsh shadows during it’s final descent.

Causeway in Willingboro Lakes Park

  1. We need a logo, tee-shirts, and a web-site. 
  2. That’s OK, I’m planning on going back soon! 

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  1. You are so good at finding jewels in unexpected Places. That is beautiful and inviting.

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