Cool utlity trick

One of the applications I purchased in a software bundle the other day was a neat little utility called Filepane.

Like many other Mac utilities, Filepane resides in OS X’s finder bar, but with a dramatic different. To access Filepane’s features you don’t find and click on it’s icon. Instead, whenever any number of files or folders folders is dragged a small drop area will appear on the desktop.

filepane drop area

When the selected objects are dragged into this area and released it expands to include a number of options. These options include features like “show in finder” or “move/copy,” zip, print, and trash – all of which are typical finder options if you know how to locate the actions.

filepane typical actions

The real fun begins when an image is dropped into the Filepane drop area. Suddenly actions like simple editing and image conversion become available without having to open up a larger photo editor. As these are functions which I am constantly doing, not having to open up Photoshop or Pixelmator to accomplish them is a real time saver.


I haven’t fully explored what Filepane is capable of just yet, but I’m interested in seeing how it might make it’s way into my general workflow. One option which intrigues me is creating my own favorite locations to copy/move files. This would make copying image to folders for current projects, or creating a default “staging area” for copied material, incredibly easy. I will be playing with this more.