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The daughter of our Brazilian pastor got a camera for her birthday and wanted some tips on how to use it. So the “shutter hubbies” took her down to Palmyra Nature Cove for a brief photo walk and tutorial. Pastor Ronnie came along as well, and we had a great time.

Today we remained on the shoreline of the Delaware. The tide was going out, so we were able to progress a fair distance into the part before we had to turn around. I love the feeling I get when I walk along a shoreline. The sense of being on the edge of two completely different worlds is compelling, through when I look across the river and see my native Pennsylvania I can’t say it doesn’t ache a bit.

a gallon jug, cut to be a water scoopAs we walked I came across this gallon milk jug standing in the narrow beach. At first I wondered how it had gotten there, but then I noticed how it had been cut to form a scoop. It must have been used for bailing water from a boat and somehow managed to fall overboard. The combination of sand, mud, and weathering turned it into an incredible subject for photography. It makes me wonder at all the people and opportunities we allow to fall “overboard” from our lives. What wonders develop in the world after we turn our attention elsewhere?

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    What a. Wonderful gift to give to some one.

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