Interesting little neighbor


For reasons of which I’m not entirely aware, we have an artificial floral arrangement hanging from a hook on our patio1. An enterprising bird has decided this concealed space is perfect for a nest, and has been there for a number of weeks.

This is made for an interesting Spring. One Saturday I reached up toward the pot in order to water the plant2 and had the daylights scared out of me when the bird exploded into the air right by my head. Since that time momma bird has taken to keeping an eye on us whenever we’re outside. She is particularly leery when we’re sitting on the patio under the overhang.

So of course I’ve had to take photographs. The baby birds have hatched, and we can sometimes see their heads reaching up out of the nest, but I’ve not tried to get into an angle to capture them3. Momma bird, however, likes to perch up where she can keep an eye on us, and she stands surprisingly still as she does so.

Yesterday evening wasn’t the best of conditions, but I did manage to capture a decent shot of her watchful eye.

A Momma bird keeps watch over her nest

  1. Well, that’s not entirely true. My wife and I are notorious about killing plants. At least we can’t kill an artificial one. 
  2. Thus highlighting how terrible I am with growing things. 
  3. Somehow, I don’t think Momma bird would like that. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Consider yourself honored, birds don’t trust two legged beings. This mommy trust you won’t hurt her family, but still keeps an eye on you and as soon as the family is raised she will leave and sing from a far.

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