Shipping Lane


My apologies to any of my regular readers1 who were expecting to catch up with Welcome to The Valleys today. It was a three-day weekend in the US and I simply didn’t have the mental energy to sit down and write2. Don’t worry, Jeremy and company will be back tomorrow 3.

Living along the Delaware affords me some wonderful sights, but perhaps the most impressive is witnessing the cargo vessels which sail up and down the river. Where we live, I could probably swim across the Delaware without too much difficulty4, yet large ocean-going vessels routinely pass by not too far from our home. Even more amazing, they manage to navigate through the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, a 20th Century draw-bridge which was opened in 1929! I’ve actually been almost under the bridge as one of these cargo vessels passed, it’s an amazing sight.

On our way home from a short Photowalk on Saturday, we spied one of the vessels coming down river and decided to take detour in order to capture some images. The image pictured below is my favorite. The air was a a bit hazy, but the details still managed to come out.

Sadly, I had to get home before this vessel made its way to the bridge, but I may have to make sure I capture another ship’s passage through the bridge from the upstream angle this summer. I imagine it’s quite impressive.

ISO: 100
Focal Length: 65mm
Aperture: f8
Shutter Speed: 1/1000 sec

A cargo ship navigates down the Delaware.

  1. I have to say. Being able to type that, knowing there actually are regular readers of this blog, is pretty dang cool. 
  2. Some friends kept us up late the night before insisting we watch a Rifftrax movie. 
  3. I’ll still call it “Fiction Tuesday,” though. I think Fiction Tuesday should be a thing. Write some fiction on Tuesday and see what happens. 
  4. As long as I was willing to end up a good way down stream, that is.